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Aromatherapy Course:

 Latin Binomials Made Easy

ONLY $97.00

A Scientifically Proven Learning System Available

Aromatherapy Course: Latin Binomials Made Easy

You will Never Find this system anywhere else

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The Aromatherapy Course: Latin Binomials Made Easy System
Contains, Not Only the Latin Binomial Software,
But Also a 100 Page Workbook
to help you

Now You Can Study and Learn via the Most Productive, Scientifically Proven Method

As many of you know, I teach Aromatherapy Courses via the Internet.

The main problem that my students run into is
Learning Their Latin Binomials

That is why I have designed this Latin Binomials Course specifically for those people who are taking Aromatherapy Courses.

I mean


(not just mine)

This system will help anyone wanting to learn the Latin Scientific Names of Essential Oils

Why Do you Need to Study Latin Binomials?

Because Latin binomials are not something that we have contact with in every day speech
we must memorize the names in order to recognize them when we see them
in a recipe or on a bottle of essential oil.

    The best way to remember this type of material is through memorization.
All of the experts agree that memorization is achieved by repetition.

Repetition is the master key to remembering

It is by repeating certain things over and over, such as phone numbers, names, songs etc. that we are able to retain what we have learned.

    It is always best to try and look at specific material from as many different sources as possible.

This is why we have included, quizzes, crosswords, find a word puzzles, match the word puzzles etc. to help you to see the different Latin binomials as often as possible.

    With the Latin binomials software you will see that we have changed the colored background on each of the items that come up.  By changing the background color this will help you to associate the name of the Latin binomial more effectively. This is why this particular system is better than any other method you may have tried.

latin binomial Lemon Essential Oil

latin binomial Lime Essential Oil

You can adjust the program so that it plays alphabetically or shuffle. You can also adjust the intervals between each displayed Binomial.

It's So Easy!

    This system is based on a technique known as spaced repetition. This has been shown scientifically to be an efficient way to study allowing for the best recall for the amount of time spent studying.

    So by using the “Aromatherapy Course Latin Binomials Software”, plus the workbook included here you will be able to memorize and remember more easily in your long-term memory, the Latin binomials that you wish to remember.

Latin Binomials Work Book

Remember You Cannot Get This System anywhere else!
I have the exclusive rights to this Aromatherapy Course system.

Buy It Today before the Price Goes Up
(prices will be going up July 1, 2009 to $127.00 )

This is Copyright Material Owned by Sharon
In order to use any of this content you must get permission from me, Sharon

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