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Aromatherapy Contraindications & Warnings

Please read the following warnings before using any Essential Oil

Do not use these oils if you have the following health problems:

Do not use:
Basil  Eucalyptus  Fennel  Hyssop  Sage  Rosemary

Do not use: 
Red Thyme  Hyssop  Pine  Rosemary  Sage

Do not use: 

Do not use: 

Do not use: 
Basil  Birch  Camphor  Cassia  Cedarwood  Clary Sage  Clove Bud  Coriander  Fennel, Sweet  Hyssop  Jasmine  Juniper  Lemon  Marjoram  Myrrh  Peppermint  Rose  Rosemary  Sage  Thyme


The following oils are considered safe for children. Please do not exceed recommended dosages.
Babies & Children should use only a 1% Dilution which means 1 drop of oil to 2 tsp. of carrier oil.
0-6 months:Lavender, Roman Chamomile
6-12 months:Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Neroli, Rose
1-6 Years:Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Neroli, Rose, Coriander, Mandarin, Orange, Rosewood, Tangerine, Tea Tree
7-12 Years: Most Adult Oils can be used except Basil. Use only 1/4 of the Adult Dose for this age group.

The following oils are known to cause problems:
Do not use:
Allspice  Cinnamon (potentially toxic, not recommended for use on skin)  Clove  Fennel  Pine  Savory  Spearmint  Spruce  Thyme

PHOTOSENSITIVITY:The following oils should not be used before going out in sun or under Tanning Machines  Angelica  Bergamot (Use a bergaptene free product)  Citrus Oils: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon , Lime, etc  Cumin  Verbena

SENSITIZATION: Can build up an allergic reaction if used often. Make sure to switch your oils every two weeks to avoid possible sensitization.

Aniseed  Balsam, Peru  Bay  Bay Laurel  Benzoin  Bitter Fennel  Calamus  Cardamon (Maybe)  Cassia  Cinnamon  Citronella  Costus  Dill Seed  Fig Leaf Absolute  Galbanum Resin  Hyacinth Absolute (Maybe)  Jasmine Absolute  Litsea Cubeba (Maybe)  Mimos Absolute  Oakmoss Concrete (Maybe)  Pine (Maybe)  Rose Absolute (in high concentrations)  Spearmint  Tagete  Tolu Balsam

SKIN IRRITANT IN SOME PEOPLE: Use less than recommended dosage
Allspice  Basil  Bay Laurel  Benzoin  Black Pepper  Cinnamon  Citronella  Clove  Eucalyptus  Fennel, Sweet  Fir Needle  Ginger  Jasmine  Juniper Berry  Lemon  Lemongrass  Litsea Cubeba  Melissa  Peppermint  Pimento Leaf  Pine  Rosemary  Savory  Spruce  Verbena

TOXIC OR POTENTIALLY TOXIC: My personal recommendation is to stay totally clear of any of these to be completely safe.

Ajowan  Arnica  Birch (Betula Lenta)  Bitter Almond  Boldo  Buchu  Calamus  Camphor, brown & yellow (white is o.k in small dosages)  Cascarilla  Chevril  Cinnamon  Deer Tongue  Horseradish  Inula  Jaborandi  Khella  Mustard  Mugwort  Narcisus  Nutmeg  Oregano  Parsley  Pennyroyal  Rue  Sage  Santolina  Sassafras  Spanish Broom  Tansy  Thuja  Tonka  Tumeric  Wintergreen (use in diffuser or potpourri only)  Wormseed  Wormwood

You will find many aromatherapy sites which will sell birch and wintergreen. These can be highly toxic and should not be used at all, unless you are a trained aromatherapist, even then, with all the controversy over the toxicity of these oils I would not recommend you use them at all and stay clear of people who tell you that there is not a problem with these oils!

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