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Aromatherapy Dilution Rates

First, and foremost, before you go running off to try out the oils let's discuss a few safety precautions.

Please make sure to check out the warnings page before using any Essential Oil as some oils are contraindicated for high blood pressure etc.

What does Dilution Mean?

Dilution means mixing the essential oil with a suitable carrier oil.

There are different carrier oils for different purposes and skin types.

Generally, you would not use the same type of carrier oil on your face that you would use in a body massage. You can purchase a carrier oil that is already blended from Serene Aromatherapy.

The most common carrier oils are Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil etc.

Be sure to use a cold pressed oil and not one from the local grocery store as these are solvent extracted and not suitable for use on the skin.

The Dilution rate for Essential Oils is generally 2.5%-3%.
 This should be half for children and the elderly.

An average dilution would be :

* 2-3 drops of Essential Oil per tsp. of Carrier Oil
* 7-8 drops of Essential Oil per TBLS. of Carrier Oil
* 15 drops of Essential Oil per oz (30ml) of Carrier Oil.

Again, remember that this would be halved for children and the elderly. Always remember that More is not Better.

The Following Rules Will Help Keep You Safe

Rule #1: Never use Essential Oils undiluted on your skin. Some say that the only exception to this rule would be Lavender and Tea Tree but even these should be diluted as some people may even find these irritating without dilution. So the Rule is DILUTE ALL ESSENTIAL OILS

Rule #2:
 Test for irritation. It is a good idea to test an oil before using it to see if there is any irritation to the skin. To do this place Oil that you have diluted on the crook of your arm. Wait for 6-8 hours to see if any rash or other reaction becomes apparent.

Rule #3: Alternate Oils every 2 weeks. The reason for alternating your oils is so that your body does not build up a sensitization to any particular oil.

Rule #4: Flush with plenty of water if oils get in your eyes. If you read the first part on Aromatherapy you will remember that Essential Oils do not mix with water. This is what we want. We do not want to dilute the oil and spread it around the eye. We want to get it out fast. 

Rule #5: If you have symptoms of Overexposure get fresh air. Generally this is not a problem for the average person but if you have been blending and pouring oils for quite awhile you may develop symptoms of overexposure. These would include Nausea, Headache, Skin Irritation, Emotional Unease or just feeling generally weird. If these symptoms pop up just go out and take some fresh air.

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