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Affordable Aromatherapy-Courses is What We Have to Offer You

Choose the Aromatherapy Course that is Right for You

Have you been looking for affordable Aromatherapy Courses that won't cost you an arm and a leg?

We have several aromatherapy courses to choose from

Our Level I Aromatherapy Course is a great home study aromatherapy course which will teach you everything you need to know to use essential oils safely and effectively on family and friends. Some aromatherapy sites will refer to their first level aromatherapy course as Aromatherapy 101

Our Aromatherapy Course Level I far surpasses the standards set up by the various aromatherapy associations

IF you are looking to become a certified aromatherapist then we suggest that you take our Aromatherapy Course Level II

This aromatherapy course will give you the proper training that is necessary to become a certified aromatherapist

To understand what it means to become a certified aromatherapist then we suggest that you read our article

 "What does aromatherapy certification mean?"

The Latin Binomials Course is an added module that is excellent if you wish to memorize the scientific classification of the various essential oils

SPECIAL NOTE: The Aromatherapy Associations and the "ARC" exam are based on the Latin binomials of the various essential oils. It is imperative that you learn these as it is the common practice to use them to avoid any confusion.

Also, the Level II Aromatherapy Course  uses the Latin Binomials in its  final exam so that you are prepared to recognize these when you encounter them.

If you just wish to get a taste of what our aromatherapy courses are like then we suggest that you take our Free 5 Day Aromatherapy Mini-Course

We offer our aromatherapy courses either as a .pdf file  which you can read using adobe acrobat reader, or you can purchase the printed documentation of the aromatherapy course.

Most of our students have preferred the printed documentation because the aromatherapy courses have so much information you will definitely want to refer to them over and over again. This is easier to do with a printed document rather than the .pdf but the decision is your choice. You can always print out the course yourself from the .pdf file, but remember that ink costs money too

IF you do plan on taking the Level II Aromatherapy Course in order to become a certified aromatherapist, please be aware that Level I Aromatherapy Course must be completed first

So Have a look around and find the aromatherapy course that best suits your needs.

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