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Aromatherapy Course

Level 1
Foundations in Aromatherapy

Have you been looking for affordable Aromatherapy Courses that will teach you exactly what you need to use Essential Oils safely and effectively?

What I am offering to you today is not a simple weekend aromatherapy course or small home study course to try and get you to waste your money.

I am also not going to offer you an aromatherapy course which is just information copied and pasted from the Internet in order to make money. (Believe me I have seen this happen)


What I am offering you today are Extremely High Quality Aromatherapy Courses That you will not be able to find Anywhere Else!

Although This is a Level I Aromatherapy Course, it far exceeds the standards set forth by the National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy

Level I Aromatherapy Courses usually cost
between $600.00 (the cheapest I've seen so far) and $1200.00 +

The price I am asking you to pay for this complete 

Level I Aromatherapy Course is




The price will be going up soon.
( I am giving you advance warning, I'm not trying to scare you into buying today)

This is an introductory price only

This particular Level I Aromatherapy Course is well worth more than the $1200.00 some people are asking!

This aromatherapy course is being offered as a .pdf file with over 400 pages and can be printed out if you prefer to read it like a book.

As far as I know this is the least expensive aromatherapy course on the market.

Because our aromatherapy courses are cheap does that mean they are poor quality?

For those of you who know me, you know that I am very conscious of the money grabbers who will try and sell you something just to make the almighty dollar.  

Do I want to make money? Of course I do, but it is not the main concern.

My belief is that if we help enough people in life that the good is returned to us in ways that we cannot imagine.

Money doesn't buy happiness because happiness cannot be purchased.
Happiness comes from within and when we help others then blessings come our way.
It's the law according to many spiritual leaders.


This is a Level 1 Certified Aromatherapy Course. (Level II is here)

But don't worry!

This is NOT your typical Level I Aromatherapy Course

Here You will not only learn the basics of aromatherapy but much more.

  • Have you wanted to know the therapeutic application of specific Essential oils? These are covered in depth in the Level I Aromatherapy Course. 127 Pages are devoted just to this particular area!
  • Once you have completed this Level I Aromatherapy Course you will be able to  safely use what you have learned with your family and friends.
  • Discover which oils are safe for children!  There are some really dangerous practices going around on the Internet. You need to be aware of the dangers and contraindications for which stages of life your loved ones are in.
  • Learn Special considerations to keep in mind when using essential oils for the elderly.
  • An A-Z guide of Ailments is given with the proper therapeutic oils to use for each problem. (This is big time information that will be indispensable to you as you practice aromatherapy!  This information comes from my published book "Ailments and Alternatives in Aromatherapy" which I am revamping at this time)
  • Being a woman, you know how difficult life can seem at times. With all the raging hormones sometimes it's enough to drive us crazy.  We have put together  special section just for women's issues such as p.m.s., menopause etc.

  • Imagine if you knew the secret to Great Looking Hair and Skin! Learn which oils to use for skin care and your specific skin type

  • You will finally discover the interesting and different types of essential oils offered on the market today and which methods are used to distill and extract the essential oils.

  • You will uncover the secret of determining which oils you should buy, and which oils you should definately stay away from.

  • You will get the inside scoop and become aware of the dangers associated with many fragrance oils and products containing fragrances. (This will really surprise you)
  • and of course, you will learn the different methods of application (how to use the oils) which are also explicitly detailed.
We Have Included special projects that you can tailor just for you and have your own private spa at home

Do you want to know how to blend your own oils and make recipes safely for beauty and health care products at home?

You will learn so much, you'll amaze yourself and your family.

You will never find a more inclusive aromatherapy course anywhere.

It far surpasses the standards set forth by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists for a Level 1 course.

We at Serene Aromatherapy believe that it is time for us, as individuals, to become empowered by
Taking Healing Back Into our own Hands !

The course includes the following syllabus.

Foundations in Aromatherapy
Level 1 Aromatherapy Course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Aromatherapy

    * General Introduction  
    * Fragrance vs. Essential Oils  
    * How Essential Oils Work
    * Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2: History Of Aromatherapy

    * Aromatherapy Through the Ages
    * The Use of Herbs & Spices
    * How to Make an Infusion (Project)
    * Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3: Production Methods

    * Steam Distillation
    * Expression/Cold Pressing
    * Carbon Dioxide Extraction (CO2)
    * Solvent Extraction Methods
    * Resinoids
    * Concretes
    * Absolutes
    * Enfleurage
    * List of parts used in distillation
    * Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 4: Essential Oil Quality

    * How to judge Essential Oil quality
    * Adulteration
    * GC Testing
    * Price Range
    * Shelf Life of Essential Oils
    * How to store Essential Oils
    * Lesson 4 Quiz

Lesson 5: Basic Anatomy & Physiology

    * The Respiratory System
    * Overview of the Olfactory System
    * Overview of the Limbic System
    * Overview of the Nervous System
    * Overview of the Lymphatic & Immune System
    * Overview of the Intergumentary System
    * Lesson 5 Quiz

Lesson 6: Beauty Treatments

    * Skin Types
    * Essential Oils for specific Skin types
    * Make your own Facial Oil or Cream (Project)
    * Skin Care Recipes
    * Hair Care
    * Make your own Hot Oil Treatment (Project)
    * Make your own Nail Conditioner (Project)
    * Lesson 6 Quiz

Lesson 7:The Art of Bathing

    * The History of Bathing Through the Ages
    * Hydrotherapy
    * Make your own bubble bath (project)
    * Thalassotherapy
    * Make your own Aromatic Sea Salt Scrub(project)
    * Bath Salts
    * Lesson 7 Quiz

Lesson 8: Aromatherapy Safety & Contraindications

    * The safe use of Essential Oils
    * Aromatherapy Contraindications
    * Sensitization
    * Dilution Rates
    * Lesson 8 Quiz

Lesson 9: Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

    * Saturation Chart
    * Carrier Oil Properties, Usage, and Shelf life:

   1. Apricot Kernal Oil
   2. Avocado Oil
   3. Borage Seed Oil
   4. Clendula Infused Oil
   5. Castor Oil
   6. Emu Oil
   7. Evening Primrose Oil
   8. Fractionated Coconut Oil
   9. Grapeseed Oil
  10. Hazelnut Oil
  11. Kanuka or Foraha Oil
  12. Macadamia Oil
  13. Olive Oil
  14. Peach Kernel oil
  15. Rose Hip Seed Oil
  16. Safflower Oil
  17. St. Johns Wort Infused Oil
  18. Sunflower Oil
  19. Sweet Almond Oil
  20. Wheatgerm Oil

    * Lesson 9 Quiz

Lesson 10: Other Methods of Application

    * How to use Essential oils in
    * Massage
    * Baths
    * Aromatherapy Diffusers and Nebulizers
    * Inhalations
    * Sprays
    * Footbaths
    * Hand Baths
    * Shower
    * Compresses
    * Miscellaneous
    * Lesson 10 Quiz

Lesson 11:Essential Oil Profiles

Learn the in depth profiles of the following most commonly used 20 Oils

    * Bergamot
    * Black Pepper
    * Chamomile
    * Clary Sage
    * Cypress
    * Eucalyptus
    * Fennel
    * Geranium
    * Ginger
    * Juniper Berry
    * Lavender
    * Lemon
    * Marjoram
    * Orange
    * Peppermint
    * Rose
    * Rosemary
    * Tea Tree
    * Ylang Ylang
    * Lesson 11 Quiz
    * Latin Binomials Quiz

Lesson 12:Chemistry of Essential Oils

    * Chemistry Basics
    * Terpenes
    * Monoterpenes
    * Sesquiterpenes
    * Diterpenes
    * Alcohols
    * Monoterpeneols
    * Sesquiterpeneols
    * Diterpeneols
    * Phenols
    * Aldehydes
    * Ketones
    * Some common questions regarding Ketones 
    * Acids & Esters
    * Oxides
    * Lactones
    * General Summary
    * Lesson 12 Quiz

Lesson 13: Introduction to Taxonomy

    * Why do we need to know taxonomy?
    * Latin Binomials
    * Genus
    * Species
    * Epithets
    * Chemotypes
    * Lesson 13 Quiz

Lesson 14: Blending Essential Oils

    * How to Blend Essential Oils
    * Groups
    * Effects
    * Notes
    * Blending Chart
    * Intensity
    * Bases
    * Types of Fragrance
    * Blending Secrets
    * Keeping Records
    * Make a Perfume (Project)
    * Make an Aftershave/Cologne (Project)
    * Lesson 14 Quiz

Lesson 15: Physical and Emotional Well Being

    * Common Physical Ailments Comprehensive Listing A-Z
    * Skin Care Oils
    * Common Emotional Ailments
    * Especially for Women
    * Make a Salve for burns or colds (Project)
    * Make a Foot Powder for Athlete's Feet (Project)
    * Make a Nasal Inhaler for Sinus Problems (Project)
    * Lesson 15 Quiz

Lesson 16:Essential Oils for First Aid

You Can't Live Without This!
    * The Medicine Chest
    * Cuts and Wounds
    * Burns
    * Bruises
    * Insect Bites/Bee Stings
    * Insect Repellants
    * Itching
    * Sunburn
    * Swelling


    * Answer Sheet
    * Bibilography

All of this is laid out for you in easy to understand language to help you get up and running with aromatherapy quickly, easily and most importantly Safely.

This aromatherapy course is self-explanatory and the Lesson quizzes at the end of each chapter are sufficient for the student to know if they have understood the content of the lesson sufficiently or not.

We recommend that you re-read the lesson if you get a low score on the lesson quiz until you are confident that you have mastered the material.

QUESTION: I have been asked if there is any diploma with this course?

ANSWER: If you wish I can send you a small exam so that I know that you have understood the course. It would be based on the quiz material already in the course. Upon passing I would send you a printable diploma via email stating that you have successfully completed the Foundations in Aromatherapy Course Level 1

NOTE: IF you plan on becoming certified then you MUST TAKE THE TEST at the end of this Level. You will also be required to take the LEVEL II Course .


If you have any other questions, please let me know.
I am always willing to help where I can :)

Certified Aromatherapist


~ I took an Aromatherapy course before in Massage school I, and this course had SO much more information than I could have ever imagined. It was like my Massage class was just the tip of the Aromatherapy Iceberg.

This course is worth EVERY PENNY and SO MUCH MORE! I’ve looked at many books on Aromatherapy and took other classes, but nothing that even compares to this.

It is a great reference manual and you can refer back to it as you progress in the future.

The Foundations Course has wonderful detail and nice quizzes at the end of each chapter. You can study at your own pace. If you don’t understand something, you can go back and try it again.

Sharron is a wonderful teacher and always just an email away. She helped me out quite a few times during my study and is such a nice and caring person.

If you even remotely have an interest in Aromatherapy, I highly recommend the Foundations Course. You will not be disappointed.
~Annette Nair
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


I simply can't say enough about this course. I actually took a course before costing me $1,200 to get my certification. I wanted to take this course just for the fun to see what was in it.  Well I was so surprised!

This course offered so much information and was so well laid out. It was 10 times better than the course I spent $1,200 dollars on!

Way to go Sharron. You're a great teacher and I hope many others will be smart enough to take the time to read your course.

-Charlene Russel
Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Excellent Course!!

Buy it Now!!


I cannot tell you how excited I was to read all of your valuable information and it was fun to actually try some of the "recipes" myself.
- Karen C


You're course is awesome! It went into more detail than the "certified clinical aromatherapy" course that I paid a heck of a lot more money for!

Good Job Sharron :)
I learned more about blending oils in the 7 groups for perfumery, balms and body sprays. It is very well explained.
Yes you can use my recommendation :)
Sharon has put together a wonderful course on the "Foundations of Aromatherapy".

If you are new to aromatherapy and would like to learn a little about it, then I highly recommend this course!

Sharon's course is very detailed and is professionally laid out.

I have taken other courses before for a lot more money and they were not near as informative as this.

You definitely won't be going wrong, you are getting great information here from a professional!!!

Barbara Hicks


Hello Sharon,
Wow!!! What a Great book you have written, it was very thorough. I truly enjoyed it!!!

My favorite chapters were Lesson 2 , lesson 4,   lesson 6, Really all the lessons were great. I can not say enough.
The quizzes were not too bad, I miss some of them.

YOU are a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you so much
Soukhy Rasasack Luz
Health Care Administrator
Jacksonville, FL.

This course is copyrighted material and may not be used or recorded in any manner without permission from me, Sharon (the author).

For Examples from the course click on the links below

Example from Anatomy and Physiology:  The Olfactory System

Carrier Oils: Carrier Oils

Essential Oil Profiles Eucalyptus

Production Methods Steam Distillation

There is no handling charge as this is a .pdf file and will be sent to you through email as soon as we receive the money.

We hope you take advantage of this incredible offer.

You will NEVER find another Aromatherapy Course with these standards at such a price again.

For just $197.95

 This Course Can Be Yours Today.

Why not give yourself the gift of knowledge?


REMEMBER: This is an introductory price only 


If you have any questions regarding aromatherapy or our site? We will be glad to answer your
questions via email: Send your email to Sharon

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