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Sharon Biography

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Sharon Biography

Sharon, of Serene Aromatherapy, has always had a keen interest in herbs and plants and she became certified as a florist in 1977.

This has led to her keen interest in aromatherapy and the essential oils that are derived from the flowers and the plants.

Sharron also put together a major study on the subject of healing in the Bible. This study, she taught as a weekly course and this led her even further into the study of Essential oils for their healing properties and alternative medicine.

She intensively studied Aromatherapy on her own for 3 years before taking her aromatherapy certification course in the field of Aromatherapy. 

She has spent many years teaching and counseling, especially in the areas of emotional distress and anxiety.

She has written Aromatherapy Articles for such magazines as "The American Massage Therapy Association" and has acted as Spiritual Adviser for many years at her local church.

Sharron has also studied music since the age of nine and believes in the power of music to help and heal the soul.

Sharon is also the author of many books including "Teach Yourself Aromatherapy", "Teach Yourself Personal Harmony", "Foundations in Aromatherapy Level 1 Aromatherapy Course" and "Ailments & Alternatives In Aromatherapy:Reference Manual"

These books can only be purchased on our Serene Aromatherapy Site.

If you have any questions regarding aromatherapy or our site? We will be glad to answer your questions via email: Send your email to Sharon

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